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Economics 101

Posted August 12, 2009
The more posts and reliable news outlets I read there is a common theme. The NHL is anti Canada. Now, I know I may not be the most educated man on the planet or the most business savy, but there were some basic lessons in economics and business. There will be some people who may have a degree or more experience in the field I am about to talk about and I will take criticism as it comes. The NH... Read More »

Show me the money

Posted August 9, 2009
The movie Jerry Maguire started this phrase, and it even won an Oscar for Cuba Gooding Jr., but should it apply to someone trying to sell a hockey team or better a bankrupt team? Sure there have been some offers made to buy the team, but none that come close to the Balsillie offer. This decision shouldn't come down to just money, but because it is in the courtroom, it probably will. The NHL has... Read More »

Are we there yet?

Posted November 7, 2008
I wonder if the Oiler coaches and management are hearing this question from the back of the plane? This question has a lot of meaning to me, mostly because I had to use it on my parents on the LONG drives from Regina to Calgary, well pretty much Regina to anywhere! This question has more than one meaning to the Edmonton Oilers. First off, the road trip. Well kids it's almost over. Have the O... Read More »


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