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I Believe in Tortorella

Posted April 20, 2009
The Rangers return to Madison Square Garden tonight with a 2-0 series lead and the chance to put a stranglehold on the #2 seeded Washington Capitals. While there is little doubt that Henrik Lundqvist is the main reason for the last two victories, key shot-blocking and puck retrieval were also responsible for stifling the Capitals’ high powered offense. Normally I would be prepared for the dr... Read More »

The 15 Game Test - Part 2

Posted April 15, 2009
In my previous blog ([url]http://my.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?user_id=24712&post_id=7562[/url]), I applied what I called the '15 Game Test' to the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs' first round matchups. Simply put, in each series I predicted a winner based on the amount of points each team obtained in its last 15 regular season games. At the suggestion of another writer, I have decided to apply the t... Read More »

The 15 Game Test

Posted April 13, 2009
Much is made regarding the importance of being hot going into the playoffs, but how often does good play late in the regular season translate to playoff success? First we have to establish a definition of 'good play'. Unfortunately there are many intangibles that go into a team's performance on any given night that make good play very difficult to measure. For simplicity's sake, we will use t... Read More »

Oh-so-trendy: Let's Blame Sather!

Posted March 12, 2009
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say something that many of you will find to be absolutely ludicrous: Glen Sather has done a fantastic job since 07. Yes, THAT Sather. I will go as far to say that Sather made only two glaring post-lockout mistakes: signing TWO free agent centers in the summer of 07 and inking Redden. In the 07 offseason, Sather probably should have re-signed Michael... Read More »
[i]The following is a 'review' I wrote of my first (and last) trip to Nassau Coliseum, for the Rangers vs. Islanders game on 3/5/09[/i] I'm walking up to it from the abomination of a parking lot, and the first thing that catches my eye is that they are pimping the lighthouse project with banners all over the outside of the arena. Smart idea I guess. I walk up to the main gate and there are n... Read More »