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Thoughts on the Avs.

Posted January 13, 2008
It's Funny how things work. Before yesterday's win against the 'Canes, the Avalanche had lost two straight games to the Wings and Caps despite getting terrific goaltending from José Théodore ( yes I said terrific goaltending from José Théodore.) In those two games, Théo made save after save, while the offence struggled to get the slightest scoring chance. We lost 1-0, and 2-1. This frustra... Read More »

Avs better wake up.

Posted January 3, 2008
Going into X-MAS, the Avalanche had a 21-13-2 record, good for 44 points. They were riding a three game winning streak, and playing very strong hockey despite numerous injuries. Most importantly, Peter Budaj was finally playing well, after Joel Quenneville finally decided it would be a good idea not to play José Théodore who couldn't stop a beach ball if his life were at sake. Only our powerplay... Read More »

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