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The San Jose Sharks: 'Wow'

Posted December 3, 2008
[IMG]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j303/EaglesWallpaper/dsfoigjh.jpg[/IMG] [i](Photo Courtesy mapleleafs.nhl.com)[/i] December 3, 2008 By Jon Cunningham [b]"Wow"[/b] That was the word constantly coming to my mind as I sit watching the Sharks take on my Maple Leafs. I have never seen a team that is more complete then this years edition of the Sharks from San Jose. As a fan in the Easte... Read More »
As a Maple Leafs and Red Sox fan, as well as a Packers observer, this summer has been extremity stressful when it comes to my respective teams fan favourites. I pose a question to all of you, not only hockey fans, but sports fans in general. With Ramirez being sent to L.A, Favre heading to Jersey, their shenanigans have been resolved, but Sundin's has yet to be. My Question is: Between [b]Mats... Read More »

Dr. Mats...

Posted August 5, 2008
[img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j303/EaglesWallpaper/sundinhospital-1.jpg[/img] [b]My attempt at a comedic view of the Sundin Saga, might as well do something to pass the time, so read this:[/b] --------------------------------------------------------------------- A Doctor paces the hallway of a transplant ward of a hospital. In his hands, a heart, it shows some wear, but can clear... Read More »
The [b]Anaheim Ducks[/b] have a new [b]AHL[/b] affiliate, and what better way to bring buzz to the team with a good, ole fashion, publicity stunt. Well the [b]Iowa Chops[/b] have gone above and beyond any publicity stunt seen before... It may seem like I'm going way off topic here, but hold on: The entire sports world is hanging onto every piece of news in the [b]Brett Favre[/b] saga. What bett... Read More »
The majority of sports pundits realize that when ever their is a change at a General Manager's position, a coaching change is also expected. This goes for almost all sports. All fans in Leafs Nation knew there was a GM change upcoming, and therefor the knowledgeable fans would realize that a coaching change would most likely be inorder. However. . . in this situation, it seems that things are... Read More »

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Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, Phoenix Coyotes, San Jose Sharks

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Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, New York Islanders, Philidelphia Flyers, Edmonton Oilers

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Miikka Kiprusoff, Hal Gill, Vesa Toskala, Jarome Iginla, Carlo Coliacovo, Wade Belak, Curtis Joseph,

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Daniel Alfredsson, Ryan Smyth, Alexei Yashin (Who actually like him), Wade Dubielewicz, Ray Emery, Dany Heatly

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Never played in a league, and its the biggest mistake I ever made.I work for the Bowmanville Eagles Jr.A Hockey Club of the OPJHL (Ontario Jr.A). I am the Video Coach, but I do a lot more other work.

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I don't know, A less skilled Dom Hasek. I'm usually a flop goalie.

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Eklund, Howard Berger, Julie Robenhymer. And basically anyone elses articles that catch my intrest.

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