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The upcoming season

Posted July 3, 2017
Well as I watched TSN with Free agent day almost a complete total waste of air time, (kinda like trade deadline) The flames did something I believe every day before that for somewhere around 5 days, way to anti climatic BT haha, no seriously I approve how he works totally. The only issue I have is really mike stone, I feel that might be a touch much value for him, more 2.75 or 2.5 even but so b... Read More »

Tonight the night!?

Posted March 15, 2017
After the absolute nail biter against Pitt they play something hopefully a little calmer against Boston tonight. The Saddledome should be completely wild with excitement and anticipation about 11. Still 15 or so to play but it would be nice to see a battle of Alberta in the first round for the flames to actually get some sort of redemption from all season but most importantly opening night aga... Read More »

Finally The flames living up?

Posted March 4, 2017
I sure hope the flames had finally found the grove they need to succeed in the west. I believe they might sneak into 3rd division wise to make a very exciting battle of Alberta and Anaheim slips into the first WC spot considering they almost did nothing at the deadline I would say they managed not to lose it which really is great seeing how it was actually a snore after the 2-3 days before it.... Read More »
Just to start quickly I actually want to see Phil Kessel lift the cup and prove that the leafs really did get ripped off AGAIN and even worse probably somehow screw up Austin Matthews, you would think its impossible I do not anyways! I think to touch on Hartley getting dropped just like this shows little class based on BT as he gave him a big extension after winning the adams award then doing... Read More »

The flames distant future

Posted December 27, 2015
Lets just say the Flames stay the course and not do anything crazy trade wise and Macdonald or Ortio actually grow into a true NHL number 1 goalie grown in the organization. After this year I am to hope Monahan signs longish term 5+ maybe 7 even somewhere around $5.25-$4.75 the year after when Johnny is RFA that could be $6? Bennett if he continues to stay and play for the Flames $4? To tack t... Read More »


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