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No Versus? No Problem.

Posted September 30, 2009
As a DirecTV subscriber, I was all set to see the Wings Swedish opener this Friday on Versus. But, because of the cut-throat, in-bred telecommunications world, I have to make other plans. So I miss my team's opener. Too bad for me. Too bad for Wings fans. Really too bad for hockey. However, I have no intention of calling up DirecTV to complain or rearrange my life by switching to another ser... Read More »
Last year, during the Wings Playoff Series with the Avs, I wrote the following: [i]"There is [b]NO QUESTION[/b] that the Av's Cody McLeod has foolishly, and dangerously unleashed the [b]CURSE OF THE OCTOPUS[/b]! After the National Anthem was completed, a fan threw the traditional cephalopod onto the Hockeytown ice. Wings fans cheered. But then, McLeod actually skated over and picked it up. He t... Read More »

Stanley Cup Finals Notes

Posted June 1, 2009
1) Glad to see that Malkin didn't get suspended. When you have two skaters who don't have their shirts tied down it is hard to label either a "fighter." Although, Zetterberg did serve in the Swedish army for a few months and it looked like he had a pretty good uppercut technique and could have landed a few good ones if the refs had let him. But for what purpose after the Wings were a few seconds... Read More »
Memo to Bettman: Don't move up the Stanley Cup Finals without checking Yanni's schedule at the Igloo,first. And where is that Pan Flute guy playing these days? And don't forget the WWF. Your pals back at the NBA had to pay big bucks to resolve that conflict with the wrestlers in Denver. Read More »

It's For the Fans, Baby! Rah! Rah!

Posted January 24, 2009
Or so Mr. Campbell claimed when quoted by TSN. "We've all got obligations to the fans, the rights holders -- this game is being televised around the world." Well, exactly how many people in the large USA hockey market of greater Detroit will be watching any of the All-Star festivities now with no Wings on the roster? Hope the rights holders and sponsors appreciate the next to nothing viewership... Read More »


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About Me

Favorite Teams

Born and bred Red Wings fan. I will watch talented players on any team. I like the Leafs and sometimes Montreal - depends on who they are playing. Would like to see a revamped schedule so that Detroit could play these traditional rivals more often - not the contrived rivalry we have been forced into with Columbus. (That rivalry is FOOTBALL - NOT HOCKEY!) And of course, as a loyal alumna, I love the national champ Michigan State Hockey Spartans!

Most Hated Teams

Don't hate any team, per se, as there is talent on all of them. But, there aren't enough Snowbirds to support teams where palm trees grow, Gila monsters thrive,and nobody has a rink in their back yard. If you didn't get a pair of ice skates as a kid then it is a sure bet you live where folks don't care about hockey. Let's end this painful,failing expansion experiment so that the rest of the teams don't have to continue to subsidize it.

Best Hockey Memories

While I don't remember it, I must have watched a Stanley Cup finals on the old black and white in the 50s and seen octopi thrown on the ice at Olympia. I obviously knew it was a good thing because at age 5, I actually asked for a toy octopus for Christmas. I not only got it - I still have it.