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Stanley Cup Finals Notes

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1) Glad to see that Malkin didn't get suspended. When you have two skaters who don't have their shirts tied down it is hard to label either a "fighter." Although, Zetterberg did serve in the Swedish army for a few months and it looked like he had a pretty good uppercut technique and could have landed a few good ones if the refs had let him. But for what purpose after the Wings were a few seconds away from the win?

Looks like frustration on Malkin's part to me and hardly worth noting. Forget it, drive on.

2) I find it amusing that so many posters are obsessing over what they deem no calls or bad calls. As long as the human element is involved, that's the way it is - for both teams. Today's particular rage seems to be focused on Marian Hossa not being called for a slash and then the Wings getting a goal immediately thereafter.

OK. So what difference does that really make in the big picture? If 2-3 seasoned, experienced Pittsburgh players can't stop rookie Justin Abdelkader - who had only scored his first NHL goal just 24 hours earlier - from ragging the puck around while the Wings change lines, then missed calls become almost irrelevant. This is especially so if Fleury just stands there like a garden gnome and lets the puck go in when Abdelkader throws it at the net from 30 feet away at the end of his shift. Nobody had to review that goal in the war room in Toronto.

3) Speaking of Abdelkader, it is clear that the Wings are winning because they are cheating. All this time, Pittsburgh has been scouting the Red Wings only. But, how can it be considered fair to the Pens when it turns out that the Wings have put not one, but TWO teams on the ice with the addition of four Grand Rapids Griffins - Leino, Ericsson, Abdelkader, and Helm. Surely the Pens remember Helm from last year, but there needs to be a rule change to prevent anyone who had an appendectomy in the past week from scoring...

4) The press always has its "story lines," but I have about had it with the adjective phrase "former Penguin Marian Hossa." In all fairness, if one is going to attach that moniker to a player acquired at the trade deadline and residing in Pittsburgh for about three-and-a-half months, then I would like to see "former Penguin Mikael Samuelsson," as well.

Key to the series? Number 4. Pens nation can't get over the fact that Hossa left.

Those who live in the past are doomed to repeat it...

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Great Read, love the Griffins!!
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