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Why is #13 13th on the All Star List

Posted November 20, 2007
Mats Sundin is off to one of the best starts of his career yet he sits 13th on the all star list. He is in the top five in scoring. I mean do people not realize the stats or what? Maxim Afinogenov is ahead of him! Players that he easily tops are ahead of him. I was expecting him to possibly crack the top three as where many others. What do you guys think about this? Read More »
With the aquisition of Jason Blake and Vesa Toskala the leafs are gaurenteed to do better. But how much better? Our team for next year seems pretty much all offense guided. On defence we only have one defensive defensemen in Hall Gill. On forward we have only two two way players assuming Peca is gone those being Chad Kilger and Boyd Devereaux. But now that we have Toskala even if we dump ray... Read More »

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