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"The Ten Minute Misconduct"
The last piece of the (rebuilding) puzzle, MO • 27 Years Old • Male
Two years ago, the Blues fleeced the Maple Leafs in a deal that sent Lee Stempniak to Toronto for Alex Steen and Carlo Colaiacovo. At the time, I might have been the only person in St. Louis who liked that deal. I felt Stempniak was a flash in the pan, and that either Steen or Cola straight up would have been a good trade. But Stempniak was a fan favorite in the STL, probably because he was one of... Read More »

Crusading against the OT point

Posted November 5, 2009
I’ve crusaded against the OT point ever since the NHL got rid of ties. Why a losing team should get anything is beyond me. So, I’ve got a plan to remedy this situation: either go back to ties, or stop giving out the loser point. [b]The history[/b] Believe it or not, the OT point served a purpose at one time. Back when you could tie, teams were perfectly content to do just that: tie. The ga... Read More »
As most Blues fans will tell you, the reason to watch the Blues isn't because they're going to win or make the playoffs. The excitement is watching the young talent on this team and salivating over the potential. Thank God for that shred of hope, because watching the Blues right now is maddening. [b]The Good.[/b] (In no particular order) The emergence of David Backes - A lot of questions were... Read More »

The enigma of Eric Brewer

Posted October 11, 2008
Eric Brewer holds the dubious distinction of being the man who was traded for Chris Pronger. At first, fans rode Brewer hard, taking their anger from the trade out on him. Interestingly, Pronger himself was ridiculed for being “soft” and for terrible play after Mike Keenan traded Brendan Shanahan for him. But while fans eventually came to love Pronger, not everyone has come around to Br... Read More »

Uncharted territory for the Blues

Posted October 3, 2008
The Blues are now in uncharted territory. For the first time in a long time, the Blues are drafting and developing their own talent, and we'll start seeing the fruits of their labor. Prior to the lockout, the last legitimate Blues first rounder that stayed in the organization and developed with the team is Barrett Jackman, drafted in 2000. That was 8 years ago. While he’s a solid enough d... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

St. Louis Blues

Most Hated Teams

Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks

Favorite Players

Chris Pronger, Al MacInnis, Brett Hull, and Bernie Federko

Most Hated Players

Anyone who plays on Chicago, Detroit or Nashvile

Best Hockey Memories

Watching Brett Hull play hockey, singing to Ed Belfour and watching him go crazy in after Hull ran into him during the playoffs, all the Blues-Hawks and Blues-Wings rivalry games in the 1990s

As a hockey player, I compare to...

On defense...Chris Pronger, Derian Hatcher, or anyone else who plays with more than just a bit of a mean streak. On forward...Scott Mellanby, Dan Hinote, Keith Tkachuk, or anyone else who can stir the pot along the boards and in front of the net. In terms of overall hockey skill, however, I'm probably on par with Petr Cajanek :(