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Predicting Th21 2021-2022 Stanley Cup

Posted October 9, 2021
Atlantic - 1. Tampa Bay Lightning 2. Toronto Maple Leafs 3. Florida Panthers Metropolitan - 1 Carolina Hurricanes 2. Washington Capitals 3. New York Islanders Wild Cards - 1. Boston Bruins 2. New York Rangers Playoffs Lightning VS Rangers - Lightning Wins in 5 Maple Leafs Vs Panthers - Maple Leafs Wins in 6 Hurricanes VS Bruins - Hurricanes Wins in 7 Capitals VS Islanders - Capitals Wins in... Read More »

An Ode To the Leafs

Posted June 20, 2021
Another year and yet another loss. Every year it becomes more excuses. So here comes every leaf fan's favourite part. How to fix the leafs? To solve this problem, lets look at what happened. The leafs had a great regular season of more consistency than usual. But throughout the season, small items looked to become bigger. Thornton was showing his age each day. Near the end, he went from useful... Read More »

The real reasons the leafs lost

Posted August 10, 2020
Blame Dubas, Why did Keefe load up the first line? Dubois' fault for injuring Muzzin. None of these of the reasons. Did they help, no it did hurt but this team is flawed and many know it. First, this team needs to mature in a different way. They need to realize what playoff hockey is. Losing to Washington and Boston both times was wow we gave it all we got they were the better teams so next yea... Read More »
Is Holland a great GM or is Holland a terrible GM? Both statements are lies and both are truths. Why is that, like any other GMs and even his Oiler predecessor, he has had trouble during the cap era. The question is how much is his fault and how much has he learned. One of the greatest things of his Red Wings dynasty days and passed was the ability to assess talent and draft. He has done well i... Read More »

Leafs Post Mortem Babcock & Dubas

Posted April 26, 2019
Let the hounds circle. It is time for heads to roll the leafs lost again in game 7 in round 1. Forget the fact that both teams were considered top 5 teams and even matched. Forget the fact that the leafs and Bruins both had a strong series. This is the leafs and every year is cup or bust. Here is my thoughts on the hounds all against Dubas & Babcock. I will start with Babcock and the bad.... Read More »


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