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Atlantic - 1. Tampa Bay Lightning 2. Toronto Maple Leafs 3. Florida Panthers
Metropolitan - 1 Carolina Hurricanes 2. Washington Capitals 3. New York Islanders
Wild Cards - 1. Boston Bruins 2. New York Rangers
Playoffs Lightning VS Rangers - Lightning Wins in 5
Maple Leafs Vs Panthers - Maple Leafs Wins in 6
Hurricanes VS Bruins - Hurricanes Wins in 7
Capitals VS Islanders - Capitals Wins in 6
Lightning VS Maple Leafs - Maple Leafs in 7
Hurricanes Vs Capitals - Capitals in 7
Maple Leafs VS Capitals - Maple Leafs in 7
East Winner - Toronto Maple Leafs

Western - 1. Colorado Avalanche, 2. Winnipeg Jets, 3. Minesota Wild
Pacific - 1. Vegas Golden Knights 2. Edmonton Oilers, 3. Vancouver Canucks
WildCard 1. Dallas Stars 2. St Louis Blues
Avalanche VS Blues - Avalanche wins in 5
Jets VS Wild - Jets Wns in 7
Knights VS Stars - Stars Wins in 7
Oilers VS Canucks Oilers in 6
Avalanche VS Jets - Avalanche in 6
Oilers VS Stars - Oilers in 7
Avalanche VS Oilers - Avalanche in 6
West Winners Avalanche

Colorado Avalanhe VS Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Maple Leafs in 6
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