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Let the hounds circle. It is time for heads to roll the leafs lost again in game 7 in round 1. Forget the fact that both teams were considered top 5 teams and even matched. Forget the fact that the leafs and Bruins both had a strong series. This is the leafs and every year is cup or bust. Here is my thoughts on the hounds all against Dubas & Babcock.

I will start with Babcock and the bad. The first most recent is the handling of Matthews ice time in Game 7 with the game on the line. Then we have his handling of Hainsey, his over reliance on Polak in seasons past etc... First his handling of Polak is a big fault, Polak was past the time when he was needed. Hainsey while was over played and is a 5 or 6 defense at best, he was the most reliable at the time according to Babcock. Then we have ice time, so I am sure we can all attest he has his faults. Another fault was his power play reliance despite them failing time and time again.

These are problems, but like all coaches there are good and bad. Babcock has done admirably at developing the players at the NHL level. Babcock has played over the regular a four line team which helps preserve and win games. Babcock is a veteran coach who has experienced. He works hard and deals with the media with perfection. He has helped many players find their stride or work well with his system. The reason, why I am looking at this is I believe he does not need to be fired. He can still be the right coach and deserves another shot. That being said, I personally think if it means losing Keefe, He he is a good coach working through everything.

Dubas is simple, it is first year, lol. We are calling for his head before he got a chance. The Nylander holdout was a mistake. Matthews was signed to proved a quick learner. Matthews would not have signed unless 6 or 7 years.
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