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I'm divorcing Hockeybuzz... once and for all. *For anyone from Edmonton who happens to stumble onto this blog accidentally, swan song in this case means my last post (figured I'd save you the google search).* Quickly, I can't stand the website anymore. It started when Eklund attempted to set up a meeting with me to discuss writing for the site, then, never followed through. I took a self-i... Read More »

The Enigmatic Matthew Stajan

Posted March 10, 2011
Ok, so he's not really enigmatic. I just like the sound of the title. Makes it seem like I have something profound to say... I don't. Anyway, here is the story of the week the Flames traded for Matt "My Wife Is Hot and That's ALL I Have Going for Me" Stajan as seen through my life experiences. Be prepared. This is long. Oh, but it makes fun of the Leafs AND Oilers!!! January 26th, 20... Read More »
Honestly, there's really not a whole lot to address. Jay Feaster went out and did what he said he wanted to do. Add depth. To address my headline: Feaster did what he said he would do and it improves the team just a little bit. More importantly, it keep the target on Hagman's back. If he slips, Modin will be in. And, Modin is more than capable of taking up a spot on the 3rd line and pott... Read More »

Calgary Flames: Problems in Abbotsford?

Posted February 22, 2011
Most of you probably read that headline and thought, "Thanks tips." Yes, we all know Darryl Sutter left us with very little to go with on the farm in terms of prospects. And, we all know that we don't have a 2nd or 3rd round pick this year. The 2nd was thrown in on the Primeau/Stralman deal for god knows why and even more mystifying was the 3rd being thrown in to Edmonton on the Staois/... Read More »
[b]Heritage Classic[/b] Let's get something straight right off the bat. There are two reasons for the Heritage Classic: 1) It makes the NHL a helluva lotta cash. That much we know for sure. but, more importantly to you and me; 2) The fans LOVE it. And that might be an understatement. Reading the Globe and Mail this morning, I was quite disappointed but not at all surprised to... Read More »

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