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Honestly, there's really not a whole lot to address. Jay Feaster went out and did what he said he wanted to do.

Add depth.

To address my headline: Feaster did what he said he would do and it improves the team just a little bit. More importantly, it keep the target on Hagman's back. If he slips, Modin will be in. And, Modin is more than capable of taking up a spot on the 3rd line and potting the odd goal. However, due to the hole dug in the organization by previous management, Feaster didn't have anything tangible to offer to get a real contributor for the stretch run. Something SEVERAL other teams in the West did.

So, yes, by the standards set by Feaster and left to us by Sutter; yesterday, was a successful day. But, by comparison, other teams improved more than the Flames.

All in all, I'm happy with how things went.

I could go on and on about these moves, boring you all to death, but if you just check out Eric Francis' article in today's Calgary Sun, he does an excellent job of summing things up. Echoing nearly every sentiment I've already expressed via my twitter account.

Have a read: It's good stuff... I know, rare from Francis.


Speaking of Eric Francis. A couple weeks ago, I took the time to discredit his article on Curtis Glencross playing his way out of Calgary. Well, I don't know if he read the article and the things I wrote about him, or if he was just bothered by someone having the gall to call out his majesty of the Sun...

But, Eric Francis blocked me from Twitter.

My guess is he had to venture onto Hockeybuzz to take a gander at my thoughts, otherwise he's pulling the trigger a little loosely if you ask me.

On Feb 15th, I tweeted:

Do the #Flames have deadline options? And, why @ericfrancis is wrong about Glencross: read it here http://tinyurl.com/4hrhhy5 #NHL

That couldn't possibly have earned me a ban, right?

Well, how about what I wrote about him in the actual blog:

"Francis fancies himself somewhat of a Calgary Flames prognosticator but the truth is, he's never right and has no more information on the matter than you or I."

"For any of you reading Francis' columns or following him on twitter, just remember to take him with a grain of salt. He has a bad taste in his mouth for the franchise ever since Darryl Sutter took the reigns. He was added to the HNIC hot stove because the Sutter-led Flames were the most intriguing story in the NHL. It took me less than 5 minutes to find the details to disprove his theories."

Now, THAT, might put a bitter taste in your mouth! hahaha

But, on the bright side, at least I know I got his attention!


Anyway, more on Glencross emerged yesterday as it was revealed by Darren Dreger that he wants a 4-5 year extension.

Well, of course he does. He's 28 years old and is having his best year as a pro. This is his opportunity to cash in on a lucrative deal. Although this may have caused negotiations to hit a snag yesterday, it's far from over.

Now, we know. Glencross wants 4-5 years and he's probably asking for north of 3 million, let's say 3.5. Leaves some nice room for negotiations.

The Flames were probably offering somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 years, 2.5 per.

If he wants to stay with the Flames, he'll have to meet them in the middle somewhere because I can guarantee you the team isn't going to give him a 5 year, 18 mil deal. But, you know he'd get that on the open market somewhere.

An interesting player to keep an eye on in coming months will be Clarke MacArthur. Although MacArthur is more of a top 6 winger and should fetch more, they put up somewhat similar numbers (goals) and it could give us an indication of the market for Glencross, and vice versa.

Originally, I thought 3 years, 7.5 total could get it done with a hometown discount. I'm now going to change that to either 3 years 9 million, or 4 years 10.5 million.

And I think there are only 2 things that will keep Glencross from re-signing.

1) If he decides he doesn't want to be a Flame.

2) If Daymond Langkow and his 4.5 mil come back. That would put a serious snag on the Flames cap space.
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