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"Being a Canuck Fan Always Means Heartache"
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Just Can't Pick on the Leafs Anymore

Posted January 23, 2008
I have been a man of allegiances for many years now. I cheer for Vancouver, Bosaton and Dallas. There are other teams I root for when the playoffs get going, but I have always cheered for those three teams. I have always had a healthy hatred for the Red Wings and the Maple Leafs. I live. I breathe. I hate the Maple Leafs. Something has happened to me this year. Amidst me laughing when the Le... Read More »

Pre-Season Is Upon Us - Prediction Time

Posted September 12, 2007
Okay... it's just training camp. I am really stoked about this coming season, the beginning of horribly overpaid contracts once again handcuffing the big spenders. We know at least one or two of these guys will be a total bust in their new home and could be almost untradeable. That aside, I have been sitting around trying to figure out, from an objective standpoint, who is going to finish wh... Read More »

Canucks Set For Now?

Posted July 17, 2007
I frequent the Canucks' forums and I also frequent this site as I wait impatiently for the start of another season. Despite rumors of Yashin or Lindros or Elias coming here via free agency or trade, I am not convinced this is the time to make a big move. I don't know that Nonis is convinced either. The Stanley Cup takes practice to win for most teams. Tampa didn't win it their first strong s... Read More »

Is the sky falling?

Posted July 9, 2007
We all get caught up in free agent hype this time of year. I am as guilty of it as anyone, but are we looking at a Stanley Cup for the Rangers or for the Kings because they grabbed the most attractive or simply the most free agents? No, not really. I am going to look through some free agent signings from last summer and try to bring sanity to an insane time of year... I'll work in alphabetic... Read More »

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