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"Why not a rebuild?"
Lansdale, PA • United States • 50 Years Old • Male
I find the Hitler likes the Flyers video to be offensive and ignorant. How can this kind of crap really be out there? The man was a monster who sent millions to thier death and killed millions more in an attempt to rule the world. Then to use this imagery to portray a hockey teams management and fans. Maybe this is Ok to do in Quebec but i find it offensive and unnecessary. Read More »

Ted Leonsis, reaction to his blog

Posted April 18, 2008
Ok here is Ted's Blog in its entirety for today [quote]Day 9: Friday, April 18 What a game— a tough OT loss We arrive at the arena at 5:30 p.m. We mingled with the crowd and then take our seats in the same suite as last game. I note that the fans that were in our face last game are nowhere to be seen this game. And that the Wachovia Center is not playing fight videos and inciting the cr... Read More »

Lowe and Bitter fans everywhere

Posted August 3, 2007
First off how is it that Kevin Lowe has single handedly destroyed the financial system of the NHL. He signed a young kid with a lot of potential to an inflated contract for sure, but he needed to to get the kid out of LA. Brian Burke can cry all he wants, but he lost this time. I would say his 4 million signing of an old injured maligned player who never was a star in this league is the same thing... Read More »

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