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Shrink the Goalies

Posted November 12, 2007
Roberto Luongo mockingly threatened to retire if the NHL were to enlarge the size of the goals. In fact, Luongo is indirectly the reason the league is even considering the move. The league is seeking ways to increase scoring. There are many reasons for the decline in scoring compared to the '70s and '80s. When it comes to goalies, today's netminders benefit from better coaching, conditioning... Read More »

When is a Loss not a Loss?

Posted July 5, 2007
As a current television game show suggests, fifth graders can be as smart as adults. Yet, there are some things that fifth graders do not understand. That’s because we as adults have the remarkable, and fruitless, ability to twist simple things into complicated ones that defy logic and explanation. Such is the case for the NHL standings. In simpler times, the NHL standings reflected a te... Read More »