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"Ryman in SJ"
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Where are the sharks bloggers?

Posted November 11, 2013
So it was going well up till a few weeks ago, we had Cam, Ryan, and even Thirstyfin making posts on their views and news from the sharks. Where did y'all go? What do you see is going on with team and why they keep getting edged out in the end? Read More »

Ralphie Freaking Torres

Posted May 13, 2013
I know its Raffi but old habits die hard. So over the years it has been between Torres and Tootoo for my most hated player ever. Torres with his buggy eyes and history of penalties and suspensions made me really question what the hell Wilson was thinking by bringing this guy in. Torres I have to say has 100% amazed me so far in the playoff. I think (have not double checked) he took... Read More »

This team needs major change.

Posted February 23, 2013
Gomez needs to stay on the 4th line. Tmac....well he needs to be fired, he can't adjust his game plan enough to squeeze wins out of this team. Way I see it anyone is fair game to be traded right now to bring in some youth and talent. Havlat definatly needs to go HOLY MOLY that's an expensive guy for no real production. Who would you like to see traded out and what would you like to see com... Read More »

Gomez signed

Posted January 24, 2013
Where is the sharks blogger on this? I like this signing as Gomez will fit on the 3rd line well and for the price (rumored 750K I think) its a good 1 year gamble. I have not seen much of his play as he was back east but his numbers are not bad and I don't see anyone else out there that can add to the sharks as much as Gomez can for this price. Read More »
So its been a while since I have writen a blog here, so for those one or two people that read it I appologize. So after a disapponiting season many Sharks fans felt its time to really shake things up. So far that shake up has been a letter from the ownership saying that the season was unacceptable but Wilson is safe. Next we saw that head coach Todd McLellan was safe but the assistant coache... Read More »


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