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Napoli, Italy • Italy • 22 Years Old • Female

Disgusted....the only words I can say.

Posted February 21, 2009
Another loss...what's new? Words can't describe how disgusted I feel with this team and their performance. Lets take our Habs glasses off because I don't have hab glasses on. I'm just being realistic. I used to say the habs were the best and no one could beat us, when I was...what 7 to 16? Give or take. Ever since I've went to college and got accepted to the psychology program I've been more reali... Read More »

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Favorite Teams

Montreal Canadiens and all the other Canadian team except TML

Most Hated Teams

Toronto Maple Laughs, Boston Bruins,Or any other non hockey city.

Favorite Players

Saku Koivu,Alexander Ovechkin,Sidney Crosby,Roberto Luongo,The Staal Brothers,

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