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[b]The Good[/b] Nash @ Center ends quickly, as he is moved back to his normal LW position after getting caught out of position and taking an interference penalty because of it. As a result, Chimmy is rejoined with the kids and the Goat line produces another solid night. Toughness... Avs bring in goon Tucker... Dorsett and Tucker go toe to toe with some quick jabs and a few haymakers. Tuck... Read More »
[b]The Good[/b] Murray - He was on fire last night. He's really playing hard every night it seems. His shorthanded breakaway, with 2 shot attempts really shows something. (how many guys have we seen skate off into the corner after their 1st shot on the break-away.) Murray, rather, shoots at the rebound, then goes behind the net, steals the puck, and has the presence to pass it infront of the net... Read More »


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