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The problem with Bettman

Posted December 19, 2008
The NHL should be embarrassed by their officiating crews of the past two seasons. There is no reason for there to be 12 hooking penalties in a game. Hockey is supposed to be played 5-on-5, and fans don't want 30 minutes worth of power plays every night. I realize this is their half-assed strategy to add more scoring to the game, but it was fine before. There is nothing wrong with a 2-1 game. That'... Read More »
We're about a third of the way through the season, so I figure it's about time I should issue my opinions of the Flyers (version 2008-09). The Flyers are sitting at 13-7-6. They have points in 73% of games, but only 62% of possible points. They also lead the league in overtime games, a stat that is bad for both my blood pressure and the team's chances in April and May. The Flyers are 7th i... Read More »
Nothing else to really say about this game, so I'll put it into classic bullet point form. The good: Ossi Vaananen had a very strong game tonight. Made the initial save on what turned out to be the Devils first goal. This dude just doesn't make mistakes. Reminds me of a bigger Petr Svoboda. He never gets noticed, just does his job and does it well. Good game also from Upshall, he could be... Read More »

Poll: Yay or Nay on Shootouts?

Posted March 2, 2008
Now that we are almost through three seasons of shootouts, I think we'd all agree that the novelty has worn off. The question is: do we want them as part of our game? The Eastern Conference standings are very close, and much of that can be attributed to the 3-point games and shootout wins/losses. We can discuss whether or not overtime losers should get a point at another time, but today's quest... Read More »

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