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Posted February 15, 2009
It does not take a genius to figure out how I feel about the Flyers continued youth movement. Just look at my avatar. It has been that way since season’s start, save the removal of Steve Downie after his trade out. I stuck with Claude Giroux and Ryan Parent when they were not with the Flyers and now that they are I am happy as a clam! Why shouldn’t I be? They are both playing great! Giroux... Read More »

Cutting The Head Off The Monster

Posted April 9, 2008
There are a lot of balancing acts involved in hockey and one of the key ones is how much emphasis do you place on playing your own game and how much do you place on adjusting to a particular opponent. My Flyers have a really interesting challenge in the Alexander Ovechkin led Washington Caps. The line of Ovechkin-Backstrom-Kozlov scored a hair under 40% of Washington goals this year. Ovechkin h... Read More »

Refocus And Ask Again!

Posted March 24, 2008
A lot of people blast the daylights out of the NHL, and I’ve done my share of it myself. One of my problems is the schedule. Too many games in too few nights followed by lengthy idle stretches. Bottom line, it hurts the product on a game in-game out basis. There are also too many games against divisional opponents. Eight is too many, especially when it comes at the expense of seeing the game’s... Read More »
The great thing about the internet is your opinions have a time stamped track record. It’s easy to look at events after the fact. It takes someone special to precog events before they happen. That’s why I should be the next hockeybuzz.com blogger and have decided to throw my two cents into the ring. Here’s the proof . . . . for the most part: [b]DRAFT JVR/SIGN BRIERE AS A UFA June 7,... Read More »