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This blog will invite some resounding rebukes, but I think it is worthy to discuss when considering who is and is not going to execute trades in the next couple of days... The Atlantic. New Jersey has come on strong of late and looks like they are the team to beat. The Pens look stronger than last year in the playoffs, especially in skating without Sidney. If character is stronger, this coul... Read More »

The Dallas Stars @ The Deadline

Posted February 22, 2008
In my opinion, The Stars are buyers this year... No, not a defenseman. A healthy BOUCHER and ZUBOV will REALLY put a strong defensive face on a team that has been playing good defense without those two standouts. NORSTROM is the only UFA as well, so the defensive corps is in pretty good shape. I do NOT believe they need a Centerman. If they are going to go for one, they will either have to d... Read More »