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The New Northwest

Posted August 28, 2009
Most of the summer it's looked like the Flames will be the top team in the NW, no contest. They lost the division in the last two weeks of the season (Vancouver did not win it, when a team has to lose 4 of 5 to not win the division after blowing a big lead at the allstar break... they lost it) not to detract from Vancouvers spectacular finish. The adition of Jay Bowmester, a full overhaul of the c... Read More »

The Nidermayers dressed in red?

Posted May 25, 2009
So as per http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=279374 There is potential that Scott (and most likely rob along with him) will sign in one of Vancouver or Calgary in order to be close to his offseason home in Cranbrook. Vancouver fans will take this to mean, the Niedermayers are going to be in GM place. Being a Flames fan I feel its more likely that they will be in the Saddle dome. Good news, I can... Read More »


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