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Are the Blues in Peril?

Posted December 18, 2008
On more than one occasion I have heard rumblings that the St. Louis Blues may be facing money problems in the very near future. Which begs the question: Do they panic and change course? Will they panic and change course? The Blues have stressed patience, drafting and developing of a nucleus of young players, many of whom still have not reached the NHL. How long can the Blues afford the lu... Read More »
In honor of my fellow Blues fan and friend [i]BluesFan44[/i] and his sick and twisted sense of humo(u)r....... The Blues marketing has given us [b]Blue Note Code #1[/b] - Whatever it Takes. I give you the other (9) Blue Note Codes that will be coming to a billboard near you: [b]Blue Note Code #2[/b] - We will take no shot before it's time. [b]Blue Note Code #3[/b] - You say Power Play,... Read More »
It's not out of realm of possibility. Andy Strickland was on a local radio station last night and basically summed it up this way: Everyone knows already that Teemu is working out every day. He talks to Paul Karyia every day and if there is anyone that could sell Teemu on the idea of coming to the Blues it's his best friend. Not to mention the chemistry that Selanne and Andy McDonald had la... Read More »

Erik Johnson is a dirty player!!!!!

Posted November 19, 2007
Of course he isn't a dirty player but the headline needs to be an attention getter as well as get to my main point. I realize it's early to be writing this piece but I have a sixth sense about things. If you don't believe me - check out my Forum piece entitled [i]"Prediction: David Perron will return to Juniors". [/i]Yes, I'm quite the prognosticator. EJ is only seven games into his NHL... Read More »

The Healthy Scratch - A Weighty Issue

Posted October 30, 2007
The Blues are freakishly healthy right now. With [b]Erik Johnson [/b]nearly set to return, the Blues could have as many as eight "top six" defensemen available on a given night. At forward and in goal they have no one currently laid up. This makes dressing a team each night a good but difficult decision to make for the Head Coach. A lot has been said in the early days of the season about [b]... Read More »


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