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It's a shame, but I'm just not sure the Barry Trotz "no-neck" jokes will ever get old... [b]Switched at birth?[/b] [img:right]http://www.melindafan.net/gallery/albums/uploads/photoshoots/tvguide%20photoshoots/american%20idol%20top%2012%20tvguide%20photoshoot/AI12TVGuide_3.jpg[/img][img:left]http://images.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/_photos/2006-11-20-trotz.jpg[/img] [i]Nashville's Barry Trot... Read More »
I guess we're supposed to feel bad for Mike Ribeiro. After all, according to him in a piece featured in the Montreal Gazette earlier this year, he "was treated unfairly in Montreal." Not only that, he feels that there must have been some sort of conspiracy afoot in the off-season when he was traded to the Dallas Stars as "[the Canadiens] just wanted to get rid of me, and they did it. They prob... Read More »


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