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"Devils fan in Canada"
Regina, SK • Canada • 48 Years Old • Male

The passing of a torch.

Posted February 15, 2008
Late last night my wife looked at me and asked what was on my mind. A small smile appeared on my face and quietly I said “the torch has been passed”. “What was that?” she asked not being able to hear me. “Nothing” I said, I had decided to keep it to myself, at least until this morning. I’m Canadian, and like most 40 year old Canadian males there are few things in this world tha... Read More »
More and more I find myself in a position to defend actions and players of rival teams and often just shake my head at the NHL. Let me say I'm a Devils fan who is about to come to the defense of a couple of Philly players. Well, not so much to their defense, but more wondering out loud whether they were hung out to dry. I'm not going to justify Jones or Hartnell and their actions. I think th... Read More »

Foppa forced to play his hand??

Posted October 23, 2007
There is an article in today’s Ottawa Sun ([url]http://ottawasun.ca/Sports/Senators/2007/10/23/4597676-sun.html[/url]), which talks about how Foppa is getting close to making his decision and may be choosing between Ottawa and Colorado. While I won't speculate on which team he's likely to go to, I will say that this makes sense. Last week I talked to someone who told me, at that time, that F... Read More »

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Watching my 2 year old son pick up a stick and play hockey for the first time

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