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"Flyers and NHL Notes"
I listen to people complain about the 3 point games and at this time of the year there are more complaints than ever. I hear Gary Bettman explain on his radio show that the races are more exciting than ever and the shootout is great for the game. I say bullshirt! Nobody goes to the game hoping to see a shootout. I feel this is ruining the sport just like the 3 point shot has destroyed basket... Read More »

Flyers Notes

Posted March 15, 2009
Good efforts over the weekend. There were two crucial mistakes by the Flyers Sunday in New York. Briere got caught on the ice and could not make the long change. He was tired and took a dumb penalty. Coburn made the mistake by thinking about himself over the team and going for retaliation and he got caught. Random thoughts.... Claude Giroux is a special playmaker with the puck. He nee... Read More »

Flyers vs Predators and Fighting

Posted March 7, 2009
Great game tonight by the Flyers. All played well. Biron is showing the form from last season's playoffs. I am not sure why, but the team plays much more as a cohesive unit without Danny this year. It makes no sense. Now my beef tonight is the fighting in the NHL. [b]I love a good fight[/b] however there are two types of fights that I hate and they both occurred tonight. The first was a... Read More »

Flyers vs Devils

Posted March 1, 2009
Over the last 15 years or so, I cannot figure out why the Devils hold such control over the Flyers. The only constant is Brodeur, and even the shutout today, he was not amazing. He played solid and had a easy shutout. The Flyers looked awful today and totally unfocused with all the personnel moves of the last week. They better get things moving forward soon! Read More »


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