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"pure flames."
Calgary, AB • Canada • 30 Years Old • Male
they have dropped their license agreement to canada's second anthem. the theme to hockey night in canada that we cherish every saturday night will no longer be used, in favour of "going in a new direction". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT THE FARK. Read More »

Hockeybuzz - a lack of class.

Posted April 7, 2008
A lack of class? maybe.. a lack of 'real' hockey understanding? probably. saturday's game between the canucks and flames was not really worth mentioning. both teams were lackluster and without energy. a typical end of season game containing a dejected outsider and a relieved insider. not worth mentioning? one of the all-time greats in Trevor Linden played what most think was his last game... Read More »
jesus the northwest is crazy - if calgary beats minny tomorrow, then THREE teams can win the division title with their last game remaining Option 1 - CGY beats MIN, CGY beats VAN, COL Beats MIN (Calgary wins Title) Option 2 - CGY beats MIN, CGY loses to VAN, COL Beats MIN (Colorado wins Title) Option 3 - CGY beats MIN, CGY beats VAN, MIN beats COL (Minnesota wins Title) Option 4 - MIN beats... Read More »

..it was the worst of times.

Posted October 7, 2007
yes you can salvage something from the first two flames' games of the season. two good comebacks, 4 goals for langkow, brief periods of astonishment from kipper, but all in all.. we sucked. at least the energy was there the second time around. moderately. as an aside, i actually would have found the games more exciting watching them on CBC than being 20 feet from the action. yeah, it was th... Read More »

Unsubstantiated Season Preview

Posted October 2, 2007
I have no facts. I have no stats. I have no research, quotes, contacts. All I have is my opinion, but, as most of you know (begrudgingly), that is worth a fair bit. Did you come here for an in-depth analysis of teams, perhaps hoping for some outside speculation about your home team? If so, leave now. It will spare you disappointment beyond the shame you must feel from knowing that I write... Read More »