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"pure flames."
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A lack of class? maybe.. a lack of 'real' hockey understanding? probably.

saturday's game between the canucks and flames was not really worth mentioning. both teams were lackluster and without energy. a typical end of season game containing a dejected outsider and a relieved insider.

not worth mentioning? one of the all-time greats in Trevor Linden played what most think was his last game in the NHL. this man has been a legend for the vancouver fans and has left a consider mark on the hockey world, both on the ice and on the business side of things.

as if that wasn't enough, the flames came out and showed their most hated rivals an amazing display of respect, once while backing off from the faceoff during his standing ovation as well as rattling their sticks on ice and boards, but also at the end of the game.

led by iggy, the flames lined up to shake his hand one by one, some even returning from the dressing room and coming down from the press box. such a thing is needed in our game now more than ever, and is one reason why the brotherhood between hockey players is stronger than any.

now. my issue. has their been even ONE blog or article on HB that talks about this? no.. well there was the vancouver blog guy, but that is just neccessary. has there been anything that even MENTIONS this? no. is there any reason why the american media STILL fails to understand why we canadians have such a loathing for their coverage and assumed 'knowledge and understanding'? no.

sure, let's let "IT'S AO'S TIME NOW" stay on the main page for two days, because of an amazingly talented player who competes 50% of the time in the worst divison in hockey. I WOULD score 50 goals if i was there too. so, please, ignore Linden and the display of what hockey is truly about, and keep spouting your presumed insider's perspective.

oh yeah, iggy hit 50 goals too.
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