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Carey Price

Posted March 31, 2009
At a certain point you have to get sick and tired of people harping on Carey Price. The only reason that everyone gets down on him is that he was made out to be the next great thing. This year the kid will be 22 years of age, and still has ton of potential and could have a great career in the NHL. This is unless our brilliant fans run him out of the building first. If he was in a stress fr... Read More »

Playoff Predictions

Posted March 25, 2009
Here are my playoff Predictions: Standings East 1. Bostons 2. NJ Devils 3. Washington 4. Philly 5. Pens 6. Rangers. 7. Carolina 8. Montreal West 1. Detroit 2. Sharks 3. Flames 4. Canucks. 5. Blackhawks 6. Blue Jackets 7. Anaheim 8. Oilers. 1st Round Winners with amount of games in brackets [b]East ------------ West[/b] Boston (5) ------ Detoit (4) De... Read More »

Living in Nova Scotia

Posted March 25, 2009
For anyone who cares. I'm and huge Montreal fan and I live out on the far eastern side of Canada. For some history look up Nova Scotia Voyageurs or Halifax Citadels. That is all besides the point as now all we have is a QMJHL team, the Mooseheads (Did not do too well this year). So I bought center ice so I can watch all the Habs games (In English) . This would be amazing if it wasn't for t... Read More »


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