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Carey Price

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At a certain point you have to get sick and tired of people harping on Carey Price. The only reason that everyone gets down on him is that he was made out to be the next great thing. This year the kid will be 22 years of age, and still has ton of potential and could have a great career in the NHL. This is unless our brilliant fans run him out of the building first. If he was in a stress free environment and not placed under a microscope just imagine how he would play. I'm pretty sure most of the league has had a former Montreal Canadien goaltender on their team. Where to start, let’s see... Let’s start with the former Hart and Vezina award winner, Jose Theodore, prime example. Was amazing one year, played a few bad games got a few spots in a media frenzy and was shipped out and look at him now loving Washington and playing well. Go back further and we will see P. Roy getting frustrated with the organization and maybe a little bit with the fans. (The sarcastic applaud after a save probably didn't help anything) Then he went on to win with Colorado. The same thing will happen with Price if people don't lay off the kid and just let him play. He is a great player with a good attitude towards the game and a great head on his shoulders. I suppose this year has been a bad one from him and the injury to his ankle certainly hasn't helped anything along, but here are some stats to throw in your direction.

We will start in 2003 the 1st overall pick Marc Andre Fleury. This year he has 32 wins, 4 shutouts, Save Pct of .912 and Goals against of 2.68. On a team with Crosby and Malkin. Those aren't too bad stat wise.

2004 - 6th overall pick Al Montoya. This year he has.... wait a second not playing in the NHL.

2005 - 5th overall pick Carey Price. This year has 22 wins, only the 1 shutout, save pct of .904 and goals against of 2.81. This on a team that gets out shot more times than not. Those are not too bad. Again I think the injury took a lot out of him.

2006 - 11th overall pick Jonathan Bernier - This year he has... another goalie that is not currently in the NHL.

So I do believe from what he has done so far there is no need to get on his case. He is doing a good job. Perhaps a more experienced goalie that can be a backup and role model for the kid would do him some good. I like the fact Gainey is going to him more and more and boost the confidence. It's what he needs. Get that backup vet and I'm sure he will thrive under those conditions.

Thanks for reading.
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April 1, 2009 12:41 PM ET | Delete
the alternative is treating goalies with kid gloves and see them still not hack it... ie. Justin Pogge, a player who was as, if not more, touted as Price.
April 2, 2009 12:01 AM ET | Delete
LOL I'm actually a big Price fan but on an interesting note Montoya just played his first NHL game and got a shut out.
April 2, 2009 7:50 AM ET | Delete
Yeah I saw that. I should take some sort of credit for that.
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