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"Deep in the heart of Ironbound"
Newark, NJ • United States • 30 Years Old • Male
Extra Extra!!! read all about it, Devils free up $16 Million!!! Lou has been slow playing the free agent market and I feel a youth movement in the works. Bringing it back to the old school, and making the "no names" New Jersey household names. Gio has been on the decline and I still dont know how Ebay isnt going under with all those extra Gionta jerseys floating around. Madden I'm still up in the... Read More »

Lou turns down Oduya's Contract

Posted June 29, 2009
Rumors coming out of Newark are that Lou has negged Oduya's agent on the first round of offers. Too long of a contract from what I hear. Look for 2.5 to 3 TOPS for Johnny and around 4 years. His agent thinks he is Paul Coffey though, so this might be sticky. Its also been on the hush hush, even in Newark, as to who the Devils are looking to sign once free agency starts. The summer is going quick!... Read More »

Devil Fans Can Sleep Tonight

Posted May 26, 2009
At least they got swept. Holik OUT, Havelid OUT! Im ready for the home opener. Bring on Phaneuf!! Good Call Ek. Rest in Peace Peter Zezel. Down with the Wings. Read More »

Round 2 > Round 3

Posted May 15, 2009
I was wrong on my Boston in 4 predicition, but who wouldn't have thought the B's were gonna roll through Carolina after their dismantling of Montreal like they did. Down 3-1 in the series, I thought for sure Boston was done. When Boston tied it up 2-2 in game 7 that changed my mind a bit. Then came overtime. What pure domination Carolina showed through the first 10 minutes. Their pressure down low... Read More »
I wish I had more time to write, but it's HNIC (Hockey Night in Cranford) and we've got games on in like a half hour. No call on Ovi's hit? Horrible. 2 minutes is nothing. The hold on Chara? Not that it would have mattered, Carolina is Dominating, notice the capital D. Playoff experience I guess. I was wrong on my second round calls, but it happens. I dont think Boston will come back. Can't wait... Read More »


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