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Round 2 > Round 3

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I was wrong on my Boston in 4 predicition, but who wouldn't have thought the B's were gonna roll through Carolina after their dismantling of Montreal like they did. Down 3-1 in the series, I thought for sure Boston was done. When Boston tied it up 2-2 in game 7 that changed my mind a bit. Then came overtime. What pure domination Carolina showed through the first 10 minutes. Their pressure down low with the puck is suffocating. I knew Carolina was going to take it once I saw the beginning of the overtime period, and they did. Ward is unbelievable in net, best goalie in the league.
My prediction Boston in 4.
Reality Carolina in 7.
Note: I was very wrong, but I wished horrible things on Carolina, what do you expect, Im a Devils fan. Thought Boston came to the party with too little, too late.

I saw the Rew Wings series play out like I thought it would. I was surprised with fight that the Ducks showed in game 7 in the Joe, but had no doubt the Wings would pull it off somehow. You knew the Wings were going to score on that shift. And what a bad goal for Hiller, he knew it too. You can't let the puck just be thrown in front like that for all to jam at it until someone gets their head knocked off, or the puck goes in. There's 3 minutes left in a game 7. Gotta grab that one Hiller, I dont care if you're a lefty.
Prediction: Wings in 6
Reality: Wings in 7
Note: I predicted lack of experience in goal would hurt Anaheim, I was right.

Well, the Pens should have won the series in game 6, but Hal Gill decided he was gonna take a shot at playing goal in the playoffs. Just kidding, but trying to skate behind your goalie in the crease. Stupid. Great series and everyone has written about it everyday, so I'll just add this. Neither Sid or Alex have reached their prime yet. You think this was good, wait a few years.
Prediction: Pens in 6
Reality: Pens in 7
Note: My key to the series was Varlamov, and the fact that he will be exposed. He proved me wrong (for 6 games anyway).

This series seemed like it was forever ago.
Prediction: Chicago in 6
Reality: Chicago in 6
Note: I was worried for my Hawks watching Vancouver when they were on their game. But they seemed to get tired towards the end. My key to the series was the young Chicago offense that is only gaining confidence. Why did they sign Huet again?

Go Devils.
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Go Devils!
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