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is hockey even worth watching???????

Posted December 10, 2009
i starting writing a blog last post season about the problem of nhl officials. this season i feel i need to bring it up again. last season's playoff was racked by inconsistency....from the officials. my belief is, if the rules are there, abide by them. the regular season saw many penalties for minor things. post season, you would have to cut someone's throat with a skate to get a call. but the... Read More »
Wow, no penalty shot! Biggest thing of the night. Detroit got away with one on that when Zetterberg closed his hand on the puck in the crease. And no call!!! It still amazes me how the refs rarely call that. Biggest complaint for me.....SOMEONE SUSPEND KRONWALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why, why, why, why, why has this guy not been suspended. Keep your skates on the ice when you throw a hit. Every... Read More »
DETROIT/CHICAGO: i was glad to see coach q actually use his two star players in game 2. kane was limited to just over 15 minutes of ice time in game 1 with no shots. i like seeing both him and toews being used in nearly every aspect of the game...even strength, power-play and penalty kill. given the chance and another season or two, they can be great two way players. scary moments for burish... Read More »

a possibilty for the coyotes

Posted May 20, 2009
so here is what i don't get...i understand both the pros and cons for moving the coyotes, but to ontario? just won't happen. since the lock-out, the league has sky rocketed in popularity...the fan base has exploded tremendously. fans are coming into something great now, and to move a team like the coyotes to ontario would be a bad idea. why? well now you have to re-do the entire league. move... Read More »


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