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Well as I sit here today I nod my head in approval to Brian Burke. He has managed to add lots of youth to this team and give us legitment good prospect for the future. Some would say that theres a chance Bozak,Hanson and now Gustafson are just as good as 1st round pick but more developed. That could be the case then again it might not be the case. Only time will Tell. In net the Leafs have nett... Read More »

why sign Kadri now ???

Posted July 6, 2009
Ok so tsn is announcing the leafs have signed Nazem Kadri to a entry level deal. My question is why ? If this guy was supposbly a long shot at making the team why sign him to a deal now. Let him develop for a year or two more in the OHL and then sign him to a three year entry level deal. The only thing I can figure out is Brian Burke now may think this guy might play right away. Kadri's stats... Read More »
You think it gets easier leaf fans ? Look I know some of us are still like we can get a young star player through free agency next season. Well the fact is there's only one Kovalchuck and who knows if he will even be available and if he is available i see it least 20 teams having lots of interest. So then some people say well how about the year after ? We can wait till then... well here is... Read More »

What Now leafs? What Now !

Posted July 4, 2009
So I just woke up with my son at about ten to five this morning. The luxury of having a 11 month old lol. Anyways decided to jump on here to see if I can get people's opinions with the sedins gone, With Camalerri gone, With Nash gone what comes next.... Is it time the leafs overpay to get a franchise player. I dont think they would consider moving there 2010 1st rnd pick but they may consider movi... Read More »
So everyone Rick Nash is locked up for the next eight years. Great signing by the Jackets really shows there fans there commitment to hockey and winning. As the news came out im sure Mike from buffalo and Howard burger ,Brian Burke and Dave Nonnis are all saying in sequence AHHH KRAP !!!! The fact is some of those people including the first two wanted the leafs to just wait till next year. Jus... Read More »


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