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Flames Game/Snappy Blog Title

Posted November 10, 2010
Newman is on hiatus for about a week, so I'll be trying to fill the daily negative, I mean reality-check based, Flames' blogs that he is so aptly known for. Last night the Flames gave up the first goal of the game for the first time in as long as I can remember. Maybe we should get back into the Delorean and get it up to 88 mph ... nope, I'll just use the internet. It was on October 16th again... Read More »

It's A Numbers Game

Posted September 30, 2010
Every year the NHL has individuals that surpass a milestone, like having scored the most goals on Tuesdays in the month of November … on the road in afternoon games. So let’s look ahead and see what kind of movement we’ll see on the all-time lists going into this season. Martin Brodeur is often referred to as the best goalie of all time. It’s a valid argument to make. The man has the mo... Read More »

Far From Dead Birds

Posted September 22, 2010
It is June 12, 2009. The Pittsburgh Penguins have just walked into Joe Louis Arena and beaten the defending Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings, exacting their revenge on the team that robbed them one year prior. Move ahead one year to the 2009-10season, where the Penguins finished the season in fourth place in the Eastern conference, only to run into a hot goalie and be bounced from the playof... Read More »

Crunching Some Numbers

Posted September 14, 2010
The new Collective Bargaining Agreement that was reached during the canceled 2004-05 NHL season brought with it some new rules and concepts which have changed the way team personnel are managed, and the league was dubbed the “New NHL”. The majority of these rules were financial based and have largely impacted the general managers in the league, limiting the high spending teams from acquiring e... Read More »

Toothless Sharks

Posted September 8, 2010
The San Jose Sharks are a machine when it comes to the regular season. A well oiled, mean, machine at that, and a perennial division and conference contender in the challenging Western conference. And yet each year, they seem to fall short of expectations by fans, media, and the team itself. Since the lockout, the Sharks have not finished lower than 5th place in the conference, winning the... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

Flames, Sharks, Penguins, Rangers

Most Hated Teams

Oilers, Canucks, Lightning

Favorite Players

Thornton, Sakic, Iginla, Lidstrom, Kipper Nieuwendyk, Yzerman, Lemiuex, MacInnis, Roy

Most Hated Players

Torres, Tucker, Avery, Bobby Clarke

Best Hockey Memories

Watching the Flames winning the stanley cup on television in my basement - I remember I was eating and I spilled ketchup on the cushion I was sitting on when Lanny scored.

My Hockey Teams

Too old to play in any sort of minor hockey anymore, and my friends are all too cheap to start a team in a mens league. So now it's down to just shinny.

As a hockey player, I compare to...

I always got told I looked like Patty Roy in the net, but I really don't think it had anything to do with my ability. Was more to do with boredom setting in and my rushing out of the net to play the puck ... it usually worked out okay...

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