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Question to Adam Poirer and Fluffy

Posted April 11, 2007
What exactly constitutes a suspension of your account Read More »

Women's Hockey is Crap.

Posted April 11, 2007
Yeah that's right I said it, and let me say it again: Women's hockey is crap. It's the same deal every single damn year, Canada and USA in the finals and Canada wins. What the hell is exciting about that? They always win, there is no fun or suspense embedded in the games. I am Canadian, but I always cheer for the opposing teams because I despise Canada's women's hockey team and the coverage that t... Read More »

The Habs Are Faceless

Posted April 11, 2007
The Montreal Canadiens are one of those teams in the league that has a serious image problem. Nobody on there roster sticks out as the leader of the pack. All of their current players are at best mediocore players. Koivu is exponentially overated, Kovalev has lost his scoring touch, and Samsonov...Oh yeah he was a complete flop. This team needs a serious makeover in every position from the for... Read More »


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