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My Predictions

Posted October 4, 2008
With the 2008/2009 NHL hockey season upon us with the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins preparing to take to the ice in Europe I figured it was about time to make my relatively crude predictions for the upcoming season! Last year I had some misses (Canadiens missing the playoffs) and some hits (Capitals winning the SE) so we'll see how it goes... Read More »

Playoff Predictions Part 2

Posted April 24, 2008
Well after an amazing first round I'm back with my predictions for the Conference Semis! First off a recap of my first round predictions: (1) Detroit v (8) Nashville---[b]Nashville in 6-Incorrect.[/b] Nashville seemed on a roll until Arnott couldn't deal with the Radulov hit and the OT loss in Game 5. (2) San Jose v (7) Calgary---[b]Calgary in 7-Close but no cigar.[/b] The bounces went t... Read More »
Sorry couldn't resist! :) [b](1) Detroit v (8) Nashville[/b]---[i]Nashville in 6[/i]-Detroit had fits with only one group of teams this year, and that was the Central. Detroit needs to get to the final. The Motor City will accept nothing less. They have a lot to play for. Nashville just needed to get to the playoffs and much needed revenue. They have nothing to lose. So they'll win! [b](2)... Read More »

Doughty Overrated?

Posted January 2, 2008
In my watching of the 2008 World Junior Hockey Championship there has been constant talk of the top two guys for the 2008 Entry Draft in Ottawa. The consensus seems to be that Canadian Steven Stamkos will go #1 and Drew Doughty, a Canadian defender, will go #2. I was quite surprised by this aspect because of the games I have seen Doughty play I have been surprisingly underwhelmed and downright a... Read More »

Eastern Conference 2007-08 Predictions

Posted September 30, 2007
Back again to complete my NHL prediction blog extravaganza with my Eastern Conference predictions. Enjoy! [b] [u]Eastern Conference[/u][/b] [u]Southeast Division[/u] 1. [b]Washington Capitals[/b]: This may be my “what is he smoking?” pick of the 2007-08 season but the Caps have the parts to do some real damage. The arrivals of Nicklas Backstrom and Michael Nylander, in addition to Alex O... Read More »


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