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Sorry couldn't resist!

(1) Detroit v (8) Nashville---Nashville in 6-Detroit had fits with only one group of teams this year, and that was the Central. Detroit needs to get to the final. The Motor City will accept nothing less. They have a lot to play for. Nashville just needed to get to the playoffs and much needed revenue. They have nothing to lose. So they'll win!
(2) San Jose v (7) Calgary---Calgary in 7-I believe the Flames has what it takes to beat the Sharks. However, it'll take a lucky bounce in OT in Game 7 for it to happen. Triggering a clear out of front office and coaching staff for SJ in the offseason.
(3) Minnesota v (6) Colorado---Minny in 6-Minnesota is the best team that no one talks about. With a healthy Gaborik the Wild are a force to be reckoned with. I am still not convinced Forsberg can be a gamebreaker.
(4) Anaheim v (5) Dallas---Anaheim in 5-I'm just not a Dallas fan (no offense to Stars fans). Although Richards can be a beast in the playoffs I think the beast of a blueline for the Ducks is enough to match him, easily.

(1) Montreal v (8) Boston---Montreal in 6-Boston won't be able to intimidate the Habs (like they tried the last series) or trap them ala NJ to death. It'll get them 2 games but not the series. I think Price may be able to match what Ward did for the Canes a couple years ago.
(2) Pittsburgh v (7) Ottawa---Pittsburgh in 5-No one is picking Ottawa!!! And for good reason. This team has been garbage for 4 months and I don't see a magic switch anywhere, especially with Alfie and Fisher out.
(3) Washington v (6) Philadelphia---Washington in 7-The series I'm most looking forward too. AO is a monster, plain and simple. He can do everything. While it won't be easy, everything includes win Washington a playoff series.
(4) New Jersey v (5) NY Rangers---NJ in 6-Cue the yawns. If NJ is NJ and the Rangers are the Rangers of the first 1/3 of the year, expect a sleeper. Plenty of 1-0, 2-1 games in this series as Brodeur and Lundqvist put up walls. In the end the veteran (and the Lamoriello trap) wins out in 6.

As long as C4LL4W4Y does not hunt me down for posting this I'll be back after the 1st round to review my score and predict Round 2!
Good luck to all teams!
Fighting Ferret
April 7, 2008 3:36 PM ET | Delete
Consider this me hunting you down! Solid analysis and good luck with your picks.
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