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Posted July 4, 2013
i gotta type this quick, even though im sick as hell.....ive been listening to sports radio all day....grammar blows all the way through so dont be a knob and point that out to me nobody wants to see grabovski leave, but his contract sucks. his cap hit is higher than kessels right now. you cant justify that. on a 5 year deal, he had a bad year, so thats 20% of the deal not lived up to. you have... Read More »

The Work of Burke

Posted February 18, 2011
Those of you still holding a bloody stick from beating the dead horse that was the Phil Kessel trade, this is for you. All your talk about the importance of draft picks has finally come back to bite you in the buttocks. Brian Burke is a fucking magician. Pardon my french, but did he just get 2 first round picks and a potential second for Kaberle's expiring contract? Even if you choose to ar... Read More »

Greatest Swede of all time?

Posted February 15, 2011
To eliminate myself from any bias, allow me start off by saying I was born and raised a Toronto Maple Leafs fan idolizing Mats Sundin. Based on his contributions to my favourite team, he's my favourite player of all time. Having said that, the greatest Swede ever is retiring today. Something I calculated on my own time that I think a lot of people overlook is that only Gretzky, Lemieux, Dionne,... Read More »

The Onus on Tomas

Posted August 23, 2010
Tomas Kaberle needs to step up to the microphone and speak for himself. Rick Curran, Kaberle's agent, complained publicly about the way Brian Burke has put his client in the spotlight during the limited window of opportunity in which his contract allows for Tomas to be moved. Days later, Kaberle's father hardly fell short of requesting a trade on his son's behalf. Rationally thinking, here are a f... Read More »


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