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The Price is right??

Posted August 20, 2010
Carey Price has been used as a scapegoat for this Montreal Canadiens team. Ever since the ever contreversial trade of Jaroslav Halak to St Louis Price has been tabed as the number one netminder by Pierre Gauthier. This tactic though has obviously backfired as Price has yet to sign a contract. Word out there is that Price wants 3 years at 3 million plus and Montreal wants 2 at 2-2.5million. To make... Read More »
In part one of my 2010-2011 fantasy report I looked at 10 forwards who'm I expect to breakt out. In this report I will look at 5 Defencemen and 5 Goaltenders Who are expected to produce and break out. I will give an ion depth analysis on every player. Without further ado. Defencemen: 1. [b]Eric Johnson [/b](St-Louis Blues) Johnson did not play a sinlge game in 08-09 due to a scary golfing... Read More »
Every year some average Nhl player or young stud who hasent lived up to expectations has a huge breakout season. Jussi Jokinen went from a waiver pickup to a 30 goal 65 point player. Genrally younger players tend to breakout in their 3rd or fourth campaign. In this blog i shall post up 10 players who i think will breakout this year . Here are my top 10 breakout players for the NHL 10-11 campaign;... Read More »


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