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Habs view from the rock 1

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This summer has already dragged on to long. I love the great weather but miss hockey to much. I enjoy the CFL but it is not quite enough to get me through. So far this off season I am happy with what the Montreal Canadiens have done. The office staff is rounding out quite nice, the team is a little tougher. But being stuck with a few bad contracts is really holding them back on getting that top 6 forward they really need.

To get that top 6 forward they would have to give up to much that they need and still be stuck with what they don't need. They have some really good young players and have some really good prospects. If Markov can pick up that step that he lost and stay healthy than they have a solid D especially with the young D they have coming up. Subban needs to do a little more offence and a little less yapping, if he can't he will be the next Avery lots of talent but to dumb to use it.

I don’t like the coaching decision but I will give it a chance to see if time has really made him better. Remember he was a rookie coach the first time and now he is not. I would take a cheap Kovalev but only if he was cheap. But I guess they will have to ride out the bad contracts for now unless the GM can pull a rabbit out of his hat. I am a huge supporter of Price look at the numbers they let in the 5 least goals in the east last season and Price on the 15th placed team had respectable numbers. So here is to a long summer and the hopes of a little GM magic for a top 6 forward that won't cost us the players that we have that we really need.
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