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St. John's, NF • Canada • 32 Years Old • Male
I decided to try to write a weekly blog on here just to vent my opinion. Well this is number 2 since July so I'm off to a roaring start. I wanted to get into it about the weekly games and how I was feeling about the NHL and the Habs. But here I am struggling to hold on to any kind of caring about hockey. I went from being mad at the owners, to being mad at the players to just being mad. Now I am starting not to care. I don't want it to happen but what happens in another month. Will I care at all then. Why should I, the NHL and NHLPA doesn’t care about me. If they did there would be a deal done, because we all know at some point there is going to be a deal. Be it this year or next. So why not just get it done before a lot of people stop caring.

This lockout is different, last time I just was mad because I missed watching and talking about hockey. This time I'm mad, I’m mad at the owners and the players(can #87 just shut his trap now whines on and off the ice if there is hockey or no hockey) and I'm mad at having to watch 40 and 25 year old games. I know how they end how exciting. Hockey Hall of Fame with no Hockey Hall of Fame game. Wow! I'm losing it and I'm a huge hockey fan. Just before the season was going to start I renewed my subscription to The Hockey News for what? Issues about what? Its going to be a long winter and if I don't get any hockey soon I will not want it any more.

I don't have a opinion about the CBA because I don't know enough about, and my friends have hear enough about it. So here to the hopes of a season soon while me and I would say a lot of others still care. This time I feel its a big FU from the players and the owners. Thanks for nothing but grief. and for now Go Ice Caps Go!
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November 15, 2012 9:34 PM ET | Delete
Well after just hearing there is a break I think the straw just landed.
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