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Well Shark fans, I know it is summer and the last echoes of the playoffs have trailed off, but there is still news to be had for Sharks fans? I know our bloggers are busy folks, but where have they gone Joe Dimaggio? Our teal nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.. What about camp? What about assistants? The big question is: What the hell is up with Ryan Clowe? All this talk of "gentelmen's agreement" with Doug Wilson. What is up with that. It had been suggested in the media that all that was needed was a length of contract. Now what is up. Everyone is silent. Could Clowe be allowed to walk? What line combinations could happen with the new folks? What is the 3rd jersey going to look like? I'm begging!

You folks on the inside. Help us poor schmoes out. Cut a fan some slack. Give us some inside info. Dave Pollack on the Merc is the only one feeding us our little chum treats during the summer. Danielle wrote a good article, but come on. SoCalSharksFan wrote a nice article on possible assistant coaches.

So much has happened since the July 1st trade deadline. Give a brother some news. Don't care if it is E1 or negative E4. Just a like a crack addict, I need my sharks fix. NOW!!!
July 21, 2008 11:47 PM ET | Delete
Trust me dude, I completely understand your questioning! I've been wondering the same thing myself and am very glad that you wrote this. Pollack has been my only lifeline for a steady stream of information, but the man has definitely been keeping me satisfied by posting new and informative news at least once a week. Is that too much to ask of the hockeybuzz bloggers? I mean, between the three of them, they should be able to at least post one new blog a week on the team, if anything, trade off who posts each week, but at least give us something. I know people gave Carla Muller a hard time for posting so frequently, but at least she kept the conversation going about the Kings.
July 22, 2008 6:09 PM ET | Delete
Agreed. I have some sympathy for the family guys or busy with school issue, but once a week between the three of them is not too much to ask as you mention. This site seems to be the one non-commerical site that has lots of information. Just wish our 3 bloggers would produce something...sorely dissapointed.
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