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When the trade deadline does loom and a GM announces we are a seller or a buyer this brings up players you will soon be RFA's of UFA's who I call Rent-a-Players. So when you look at the Kings roster there are few players anyone wants, but then there are a couple who may complete a team in search of the Cup. However, how much money would you fork over for a old Ferrari you gonna ride for a short time that may or may not get you to Detroit or Ottawa. Lets look at Rob Blake. He has won the Norris Trophy, the Cup, and is a physical and offense force. Here is a Ferrari. Whats his problem? Blake is old and a free-agent who will probably come right back home to L.A. after the season. So what do you give up for him. Well if your in Tampa Bay maybe you are a little more desperate and offer up top prospects or to go over the top maybe package Blake and Frolov/Nagy and give up St. Louis. Just a thought. If you are in a lesss pressured town maybe you give up a pick and a mid level prospect. Knowing Lombardi's track record whomever goes this deadline will probably go for youngsters who aren't well known but will one day break through and be solid NHLers. I think Lombardi is well aware he is on the hot seat and could be outta here soon. So to save his behind he make a move on a Hossa, A.O., or St. Louis. Who knows what future holds. If I was a GM and Blake was out there for a few prospects, and it was my chance to win the cup I'd pounce.
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January 10, 2008 12:20 PM ET | Delete
I'll take Blake on the Rangers, give you a first rounder and a prospect
January 10, 2008 6:13 PM ET | Delete
Will Blake really carry much trade weight? Are teams going to learn from Nashville's mistakes last year? I think Nagy could be quite attractive to some teams for sure.
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