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Well he is doing it again . Dustin Penner is back to playing the up-tempo physical game that first made Kevin Lowe to offer him that ridiculous offer sheet 2 years ago.Penner seems to always thrive at the end of the season.Last year in the 07-08 season, Penner played poorly for the first half of the season until just after half point ; where it seemed a fire had been lit under him and he went on a torrid pace to end with a semi-respectable season.

This season is the same story. With Penner starting off horrendously and being a major source of ire to the Edmonton fans. Until after the all-star game in which he picked up his play again and has been playing well again. Recording 3 goals and 6 points in his last 5 games.Which would bring him on pace to finsih with about the same totals as last year.

My issue is , why does Dustin not always play this way? If he did he could reach the potential that has long been heralded for him , rather then stewing in mediocrity and beinga target for ravenous fans.

I like the fans would love to know why Dustin?

A penny for your thoughts.
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February 17, 2009 6:23 PM ET | Delete
4.25MM is why. He gives us just enough to keep thinking "yeah, potential, that's why he's making the big bucks"
February 18, 2009 1:46 PM ET | Delete
He comes into the season out of shape... takes him to the all star break to get back into game shape
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