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A quick note, somewhat unrelated to hockey. In my first blog I
made a big mistake, I put down people who I look up to, and with-
out them I would not be posting these blogs. Mark Freitas, Ryan
Garner, and Danielle Marchelle. Now I may not agree with every-
thing in the posts(who does) but i respect each of you for what you
do, regardless of how many blogs you post or how often you post
them. Thank You for inspiring me! I will never forget it!

Go Sharks! MM aka Dylan.
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October 1, 2008 6:05 PM ET | Delete
Hello there! You should add mt to your friends list so I can send you a message :) Glad to see another contributor for the Sharks!!
October 2, 2008 4:57 PM ET | Delete
Dylan. Get back to class. And the only people you need to suck up to are those that run "detention"
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