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Before the season began I had these teams making the playoffs: Stars, Red Wings, Sharks, Ducks, Flames, Oilers, Blackhawks, Wild, Penguins, Capitals, Devils, Rangers, Canadiens, Flyers, Lightening, and Sabres. I didn't even have the Bruins making the playoffs ... LOL!

Before the playoffs started these were my 1st round winners: Sharks, Blue Jackets, Canucks, Flames, Bruins, Hurricanes, Capitals, and Penguins --- with Bruins winning Cup over Sharks in 7. Perfect in the East so far!

2nd round picks: Blackhawks, Red Wings, Bruins, and Penguins. Then Blackhawks over Red Wings in 7 and Bruins over Penguins in 7 --- still going with Bruins, over Blackhawks in 6.

For the record, the linesman that made the too many men on the ice call in game 4 of Blue Jackets/Red Wings series was #92 - Mark Shewchyk. Let's see if he made it to the 2nd round!
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May 1, 2009 1:55 AM ET | Delete
Finally someone with some sense... good picks!
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