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George Town • 45 Years Old • Male
All of the following questions in part one of this quiz have four correct answers. In part two, there are more than four correct answers, but only four are necessary to answer each question correctly. In both sections give yourself 2 points for 2 correct answers; 3 points for 3 correct answers; and 5 points if all 4 answers are given. Knowing only 0 or 1 answer does not warrant any credit. The main goal is to have fun. The quiz answers necessary to answer the questions correctly are all in bold print. Information in parenthesis elaborates the answers, but does not need to be known for one to get credit. Also, remember the original quiz was posted on 11/29/09.

Part 1

1. Name the four Sabre defensemen who were unable to play due to injury in game seven of the conference finals against Carolina in 2006?

Dmitri Kalinin, Jay McKee, Teppo Numminen, Henrik Tallinder

2. Name the four Sabre head coaches who are in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Scotty Bowman, Punch Imlach, Roger Neilson, Marcel Pronovost

3. Name the four members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team were property of the Sabres during the 1979-80 season?

John Harrington, Rob McClanahan, Mike Ramsey, Eric Strobel

4. Name the four Sabre defensemen from the 1975 playoff run who went to another NHL team(s), only to return and play for the Sabres?

Larry Carriere, Lee Fogolin, Jerry Korab, Jim Schoenfeld

5. Name the four goalies selected by the Sabres in the first round of the NHL draft?

Bob Sauve (1975), Tom Barrasso (1983), Marty Biron (1995), Mika Noronen (1997)

6. Name the four Sabre players during the 1981-82 season who had a brother who was drafted in the first round of the NHL draft in either 1981 or 1982?

Steve Patrick (James, Rangers 1981), Mike Moller (Randy, Quebec, 1981), Lindy Ruff (Marty, St. Louis 1981), Larry Playfair (Jim, Edmonton 1982)

7. Name the four Sabres who compiled 1,000 NHL points, while playing for at least 6 different NHL teams?

Dave Andreychuk, Doug Gilmour, Phil Housley, Pierre Turgeon

8. Name the four first overall picks in the NHL draft to play for the Sabres?

Gilbert Perreault (1970), Dale McCourt (1977), Dale Hawerchuk (1981), Pierre Turgeon (1987)

9. Name the four Sabres who had 50 goal seasons with another NHL team after their tenure with Buffalo?

Dave Andreychuk, Alexander Mogilny, Jacques Richard, Pierre Turgeon

10. Name the four goalies that tended net for the Sabres during the 1974-75 season?

Gary Bromley, Roger Crozier, Gerry Desjardins, Rocky Farr

11. Name the four Sabres to accomplish 50 goals seasons with Buffalo?

Rick Martin, Danny Gare, Alexander Mogilny, Pat LaFontaine

12. Name the four Sabre players traded to Detroit in December 1981?

Danny Gare, Bob Sauve, Jim Schoenfeld, Derek Smith

13. Name the four Sabres to end best-of-seven playoff series with an OT winner?

Brad May (v. Boston 1993), Derek Plante (v. Ottawa 1997), Michal Grosek (v. Philadelphia 1998) Jason Pominville (v. Ottawa 2006)

14. Name the four members of Scotty Bowman coached Montreal teams to play for the Sabres during the 1980s? (note: not all of these players are on the Stanley Cup).

Brian Engblom, Yvon Lambert, Mark Napier, John Van Boxmeer

15. Name the four members of the Hockey Hall of Fame that played at least 100 regular season games with the Buffalo Sabres?

Gilbert Perreault, Dale Hawerchuk, Tim Horton, Pat LaFontaine (Richard Duff, Grant Fuhr, and Clark Gillies all missed the century mark)

Part 2

16. Name four of the six first round draft picks selected by the Sabres during the
1982 and 1983 NHL drafts?

Phil Housley, Paul Cyr, Dave Andreychuk (1982); Tom Barrasso, Norm Lacombe, Adam Creighton (1983)

17. Name four of the five Sabre 2nd round picks, not chosen by Punch Imlach, that
scored 100 goals with the club? (Hint: one of these players accomplished the feat this season)

Curtis Brown, Jason Pominville, Derek Roy, Lindy Ruff, John Tucker

18. Name four to the five team captains during the 2007-08 season?

Brain Campbell, Jochen Hecht, Toni Lydman, Jason Pominville, Jaroslav Spacek

19. In three instances in their history, the Sabres have selected in consecutive years, players from the same amateur club (Cdn Juniors, US College, High School, or International) with their initial first round selection. Name four of these six players?

Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin (Montreal Jr. Canadians in 1970 and 1971)
Bo Mikael Andersson, Calle Johansson (Vastra Frolunda in 1984 and 1985)
Keith Ballard, Thomas Vanek (University of Minnesota in 2002 and 2003)

20. Name four of the six goalies to have 10 regular season shutouts with the Sabres?

Marty Biron, Tom Barrasso, Roger Crozier, Don Edwards, Dominik Hasek, Ryan Miller


91-100—A spectacular end-to-end scoring rush by Gilbert Perreault

81-90—Another mind-boggling save by the “Dominator”

71-80—Jim Schoenfeld knocking Wayne Cashman through the Aud boards

61-70—Pat LaFontaine with a nifty goal bringing the crowd to its feet

51-60—A skillful tip-in goal by Thomas Vanek on the power play

41-50—Chris Drury putting it “top shelf where mama hides the cookies”

31-40—Rob Ray finishing off another opponent

0-30—You are struggling in the minors
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Great quiz by a tough grader. It's nice to see some challenging questions on one of these. JS
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